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A state-of-the-art Dex by Terra irrigation system will ensure that your property receives regular, efficient, and precise watering, and will help you attract and retain clients.


New construction? Existing courtyard? Office garden? New trees and shrubs?

Whatever you need watered, we can design and build a custom irrigation system for you.

Spring Activation

Each Spring, our irrigation team will activate your water and system valves. We will check and update your system controls and ensure that your rain sensor and head-to-head coverage are still functioning as needed. We will also perform leak and pressure checks, repairing any damage that occurred over the winter months.

Summer Service

Heatwave on the horizon? We’ve got you covered. We’ll reprogram your controller to handle whatever weather the summer throws your way.

The dog days of summer are also a great time to reinspect your entire system for leaks and damage, making sure your irrigation system is operating at peak performance.


Without proper winterization, the cold months will wreak havoc on your irrigation system, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Let us handle the winter preparations including proper water evacuation and drain backflow prevention.

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