Concrete Floor Polishing

A Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete is the ultimate flooring for commercial facilities, or even homeowners.


Highly polished surfaces offer ecological, environmental, and energy retention attributes, while adding a beautiful look to your project. The end result yields a glossy, mirror-like finish to concrete surfaces. Our painstaking process utilizes a custom heavy duty polishing machine that is equipped with progressively finer diamond impregnated discs which gradually grind down the concrete surface for desired shine and smoothness. Afterward, we apply a sealer that hardens, densifies, and protects the concrete. Finally, we finish with a polishing compound to give the concrete added sheen and luster.

Polished concrete flooring is a perfect solution for:

  • Large warehouses and warehouse outlets
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Auto showrooms
  • Private residences
Polished concrete floor.
Polished concrete floor.

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