Outdoor Dining Pleasures
POSTED ON 12th August 2019

The Pleasures of Outdoor Dining – Tips For Planning Your Space

For many people, outdoor dining is one of the pleasurable aspects of summer life. When the weather is accommodating and pleasant, family and friends can congregate and share a meal al fresco in touch with nature and the elements. Depending on how they wish to outfit the facilities, they can now enjoy all the epicurean delights from outdoor appliances normally associated with their primary indoor kitchen.

To adequately design outdoor cooking and dining areas, a great deal of thought must go into consideration of the space contemplated by the client. The typical number of people using the space, frequency of entertaining, separate areas for different meals, shading needs and appliance types form part of the equation. Typically, the location selected is a function of who will be the primary cook. If it’s a family member, location with proximity to the primary kitchen is desired. If not, it can be placed in a more discreet location. Practicality also plays an important role when the designing outdoor cooking and dining areas. Eating in a shaded area is always preferable., be it tucked amid a grove of trees or under a pergola structure, awning or umbrella. For areas where it frequently rains, perhaps a solid roof structure will be considered.

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