Complex Outdoor Projects
POSTED ON 31st July 2019

The Makings of a Complex Outdoor Project with Pool and Spa

Let there be no doubt that undertaking an outdoor project with a pool and spa as the focal point of your expanded outdoor environment is a complex undertaking that requires the resources of many disciplined professionals.

There are many moving parts involved in a project of this type and managing the client’s expectations is the key to a successful outcome of projects like these. First and foremost is to have a clearly articulated understanding of what it is the client is looking to accomplish. This usually involves a number of meetings between the client and the design professional where the designer listens to the wants and needs expressed by the client. A detailed questionnaire is dispositive of this process where design preferences better understand the overarching goals and scope of the project. The goal is to create a plan that reflects the client’s lifestyle and the unique personalities of the people living in the house where the expansion is taking place.

The design professionals then begin to synthesize ideas in this planning phase of the process. It is during this initial phase that the designers work with the client establishing specific budgets for the project. After this initial phase is defined, the second phase can commence. The design phase engages the design professional to develop a series of plans and perspectives reflecting the goals and aspirations of the client. These working plans usually go through a series of iterations, leading ultimately to a final plan. It will be apparent that when the plans are presented, they reflect an analytical and creative thinking underlying the final conceptualization of the project. Usually, the final plans are presented in both 2-d and 3-d perspectives that capture how it will look and how the client can experience it. The final phase of the process is the implementation and managing phase. This is a critical phase where the integrity of the design is reflected from conception to completion with professional project management is included in our total project management offering where the execution conveys the emotion of the original design.

Dex by Terra is a design and build boutique firm based in the greater Boston area that creates exquisite outdoor pool and spa projects that expand your outdoor environments. Pool houses, walls, patios, decks, outdoor kitchens and fire features, landscaping, fencing, gazebos and outdoor lighting are also encompassed in this process. We use our expert artisans to install the plans and control the entire process from start to finish. To learn more, reach out to us at 978 567 0686 or through our website at