POSTED ON 16th June 2015

The Importance of Protecting Your Concrete Floor

By maintaining your commercial flooring, you can reduce the risk of costly damages and expenses down the road.

Choosing the correct flooring for your business is an equally important consideration as the layout itself. A floor that cannot withstand the heavy workload of a business or is not adequately maintained can lead to reduced efficiency, down time and worse, injury.

Solid industrial concrete floors are susceptible to damage when they are not properly maintained.

Preventative care will help save money on repairs down the road:

  • Metal equipment and debris can leave scratches or gouges on concrete floors
  • Once the surface of a concrete floor is broken, lighter wear can still increase the damage
  • Joints in concrete flooring require special attention and need to be repaired whenever they show signs of damage or deterioration

Addressing damages on a regular basis is less costly than procrastinating and then repairing a heavily damaged floor:

  • The cost is even cheaper when factoring in time and effort to perform the maintenance
  • Machinery and forklifts used on a regular basis on a damaged floor will need repairing and replacing on a more frequent basis
  • Damaged flooring can lead to an increase in employee injuries

The best option for any business is to get a durable and efficient concrete floor surface and clean and maintain it from the time it is installed. Our service department can help you with a preventative maintenance program to keep your flooring in optimal condition.

A viable option on a new or an existing surface is to protect it with an epoxy floor coating which offers multiple benefits:

  • They are extremely durable and can easily handle the weight of heavy machinery and foot traffic
  • They are very versatile and offer unlimited design options, colors, finishes, patterns and can even incorporate your Company logo
  • Epoxy floors are also resistant to salts, water, chemical spills and other contaminants
  • The epoxy coating can be installed pre/post construction