POSTED ON 3rd June 2015

The Benefits of Concrete Flooring

With all the information out there about concrete flooring, you will be amazed how much misinformation is out there associated with concrete flooring.

While not ideal for each and every application, concrete should be considered as a viable flooring surface option on any of your projects.

When comparing the benefits of concrete versus the use of other materials considered, here is a list of five attributes of concrete flooring that should be considered.

  • DURABILITY– one of the top attributes of concrete flooring is its durability. Its tensile strength and resilience make it difficult to damage, making this an ideal application for garages and warehouses.
  • MAINTENANCE– known for its durability, it is also easy to maintain.  There is not much required of a concrete floor in terms of maintaining its life, besides applying a protective stain twice annually. Cleaning is simple and easy and limited in scope and space, sweeping surface debris after washing and removing spills and stains.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL– Concrete flooring is typically viewed as the “green” choice of flooring options since most floor surfaces already have concrete underneath them. Installing a concrete floor usually involves removal of the existing surface, without the process of using and wasting additional materials.
  • ADAPTABILITY– Since concrete is made from versatile materials, concrete floors have a wide variety of design options. The old notion of concrete being “gray and ugly” is just that- old! Today’s modern and contemporary concrete floors have impressive versatility for decor and design. Before it dries, concrete can be shaped into different patterns with smooth or textured finishes.
  • LONGEVITY– Concrete is widely desired as a flooring of option due to its longevity, an attribute that is ideal for many applications including, factories, warehouses, basements, auto dealerships, hotel lobbies and shopping malls.

Let our certified concrete specialists install a beautiful concrete flooring, industrial coating or decorative finish on any of your commercial projects. We will be pleased to send out one of our estimators to look at the scope of work required.