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The Complexities of an Outdoor Aquatic Project

Let there be no doubts that undertaking an outdoor aquatic project with a pool and spa as the focal point of your expanded outdoor environment is a complex undertaking.

Project Gallery

Project Scope: Remove old existing in ground swimming pool and replace with new unit pool and spa with expanded outdoor living space adjacent to back of house with outdoor kitchen, fireplace, seating walls, pergola and plantings.
Materials Selected For Use: Natural stone veneer walls, outdoor kitchen and fireplace accented with combination of old and new granite, colored concrete decking, landings and steps and unite pool and spa.
Project commenced in August 2018 and concluded in May 2019.


There are many moving parts to a project of this type and managing the client’s expectations is the key to a successful outcome of projects of this type. First and foremost is to have a clearly articulated understanding of what it is the client is looking to accomplish.

This usually involves a number of meetings between the client and the design professional where the design professional listens to the needs and wants expressed by the client. A detailed questionnaire is helpful as part of this process. The overarching goal should be to create a plan that is reflective of the client’s lifestyle and the individuality of the people who live in the house on the property where the aquatic feature will ultimately be installed. The design professional can then begin to synthesize ideas in this planning phase.

Planning Phase

It is during this initial phase that the design professional works with the client to develop a specific budget. Once goals and guidelines are established, the design professional can then move on to the second phase, the design phase.

Design Phase

Here, the design professional, with all the information garnered in the planning phase, sets out to begin a series of plans and perspectives that reflect the goals and aspiration of the client. These working plans usually go through a number of iterations, leading ultimately to a final design plan. It will be apparent that when the plans are presented, they reflect an analytical and creative thinking underlying the final conceptualization of the project. Usually, the final plans are presented in 2-d and 3-d images, aiming for that distinctive design that captures how it will work and how it will look. The final phase of the aquatic masterpiece in three movements, is the managing phase.

Managing Phase

This is a critical phase as the client will want to ensure the integrity of the design form its conception through the implementation. All too often, a beautifully conceived plan is not reflected accordingly in the implementation, due to inadequate over-site and supervision or acute attention to detail. Proper project management results in ongoing communication between the design professional, the sub- contractors undertaking the site work and the client. Having one central point of contact is efficient, time saving and proven to be successful.

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