POSTED ON 20th May 2015

Summertime – and the living is easy

The summer season is commonly regarded as beginning on Memorial Day weekend and ending on Labor Day weekend.

The summer season is typically a busy one for us and the benefits of a well- integrated team is crucial to being efficient in getting all our summer projects completed in a timely fashion.

It all begins with a team of highly skilled professionals and artisans who collectively approach every project that begins with a design and evolves to an organic living form that expands the outdoor environment and ultimately enhances your use and enjoyment and adds value as well!

After 30 years of business experience, we have refined our practices and in so doing, believe we have a set of standards and practices that sets us apart from our competitors, and in so doing, creates a formula designed to delight our clients.

Our well- seasoned Sales and Design Professionals are experienced and knowledgeable about the complex projects they design and sell with a thorough comprehension of the nuances of engineering, drainage, material choices in both hardscape and landscaping.

Equally important and allied to this is our professional team of Project Managers assigned to each project we undertake. Not only assigned to provide vigilant daily oversight throughout all phases, our Project Managers are the conduit between the Sales and Design Teams and the Client, with ongoing communication updating progress, dealing with changes and issues, when and if they arise.

These two factors, allied with the seasoned professional installation teams comprising skilled artisans has been a solid formula allowing us to facilitate the vision from concept ideation through project completion- seamlessly and efficiently, on time and on budget.

Progress in the design and build industry is not always predicated on sharp changes in direction. Sometimes, the discipline to advance without straying off course is the true mark of a design and build champion- something we at Dex by Terra are very proud of!

Please call us to schedule a no obligation consultation to discuss options to expand your outdoor environment.

On a lighter note, as we approach summer, here are some interesting facts about summer:

  • The first day of summer is called the Solstice, which is Latin for “sun standing still”. The sun is higher in the sky throughout the day and the rays beam on earth at a more direct angle, causing warmer temperatures.
  • In France, the Eiffel Tower grows more than six inches in summer due to the expansion of iron in hot days.
  • Watermelon is the summer’s favorite vegetable in the United States. Yes, it is a vegetable and not a fruit!