We offer a full compliment of site and construction services for both the residential and commercial marketplaces.

Imagine the space you desire.
Our projects, residential or commercial, always begin with a client's idea, a seed, grown and cultivated into existence by our visionary landscape architects. Imagine the space you desire... and discover the possibilities with Dex by Terra.
To assess project needs and goals
To review existing conditions, utility needs, drainage requirements and site accessibility
To ensure compliance with local zoning, building, setback, environmental and conservation regulations
Including broad plan outline and project management parameters
Starting with initial concept and refinement iterations to detailed completed plan with 2 and 3D perspectives, estimates and schedule

Residential Services

Bring your dreams... We'll provide the vision.
Our clients share their backyard dreams with us, and we create a reality that exceeds their expectations.

Pool Decking, Walkways, & Driveways

With varieties of stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, pavers, and natural stone materials, Dex By Terra will find a material that perfectly compliments your pool and outdoor space. At Dex, we also offer walkway and driveway design with options with concrete, pavers and natural selection surfaces.

Water Features

From small fountains to multitiered waterfalls, reflective pools to natural ponds, water features provide a visual and aural dimension to your outdoor oasis. Let our creative team design and install a stunning water feature that will beautify your outdoor living space for years to come.

Firepits, Fireplaces & Outdoor Kitchens

Holidays, celebrations, and outdoor gatherings of any kind are especially memorable when spent gathered around an firepit, fireplace or outdoor kitchen. Dex by Terra will design and install a fire feature that will transform your gathering space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Masonry Retaining & Decorative Walls, Pillars, Seating Walls & More

Let our masonry artisans construct stone walls, pillars, seating walls, steps, and landings for your home. These uniquely crafted, natural stone or block features will provide strong aesthetic and functional solutions for your outdoor space.

Landscaping, Irrigation & Lighting

Our horticultural team will design and plant a landscape component that naturally compliments your hardscaping. Using a variety of flora, Dex by Terra will create a space for multi-seasonal enjoyment. Keeping your landscaping green through the summer months will be a breeze with our efficient irrigation systems, and our low voltage lighting options will let you relax in your yard well into the evening hours.

Refresh or Total Renovation

The choice is yours. The Dex by Terra team of designers, masons, and horticultural experts can breathe new life into your front lawn or backyard through a refresh of your existing outdoor environment, or a total renovation of your space from patio to pergola.

Fences, Arbors, Gazebos, Specialty Rocks, Boulders & More

Fencing, arbors, gazebos, specialty rocks, planters, outdoor showers, and other unique accessories will complete your outdoor expansion with a custom flare and finish that reflects your taste. At Dex by Terra, no detail is overlooked.


Keep your landscaping and hardscaping looking new with our selection of maintenance services including power-washing, staining, and grouting. Our maintenance department can also perform seasonal services such as patio furniture placement and removal, pool cleaning, pool opening and closing, and winter snow removal for driveways, walkways and roofs.


We have extensive experience with commercial projects of all kinds, from low and high-rise buildings, hotels and luxury residence living, institutions, universities, schools, warehouses, and showroom floors.

Comprehensive Concrete Services

We offer stain, stamped, colored, broom and exposed aggregate finishes. Our services include structural/post tension slabs, laser screened placement, slab-on-grade, metal decks, and sidewalks. Our in-house forming and rebar crew works in concert with our in-house pumping crew, pourers and finishers, ensuring a perfect finish every time.

Brick & Stone Restoration Services

Our crew of masons can breathe new life into your mill restoration projects, bringing a fresh look to old brick and stone work. We have extensive experience in repointing and remediating old brick and stone, while maintaining the traditional historic look that gives these buildings so much character.

Professional Polishing Services

Highly polished surfaces offer ecological, environmental, and energy retention attributes, while adding a beautiful look to your project. The end result yields a glossy, mirror-like finish to concrete surfaces. Our process utilizes a custom heavy duty polishing machine that is equipped with progressively finer diamond impregnated discs which gradually grind down the concrete surface for desired shine and smoothness. Afterward, we apply a sealer that hardens, densifies, and protects the concrete. Finally, we finish with a polishing compound to give the concrete added sheen and luster.
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