POSTED ON 14th November 2016

Professional Concrete Polishing Services

We are pleased to offer professional concrete polishing, a process that yields a glossy, mirror-like finish to new and existing concrete floor surfaces (serving Greater Boston, MA area).

We utilize state of the art heavy-duty polishing machines that are equipped with a series of progressive finer grits of diamond impregnated discs that gradually grind down the exposed concrete surface to the desired degree of shine and smoothness.

We then incorporate an internal impregnating sealer which protects the concrete and adds density and hardens it.

Finally, we apply a polishing compound over the surface to give the floor uniform luster and sheen.

There are many benefits to concrete floors that have been polished, besides the aesthetic enhancements. The process is eco- friendly and yields and increase in energy efficiency and lower utility costs.

Whether you have an existing concrete floor surface or are installing a new concrete surface, call us to learn how we can polish and enhance the look and use of your floor.