POSTED ON 4th September 2015

Preparing For the Fall

The Ideal Time to be Proactive

As the traditional summer season draws to a close, fall heralds the ideal time to start being proactive around your yard as you plan next season’s projects in expanding your outdoor environment.

Summer is punctuated with the onset of night arriving earlier and the average temperatures falling, swimming pools being scheduled for closings, irrigation systems being winterized, perennials being cut back and garden raking of accumulating leaves from trees. Not to mention, taking out the snow blower and planning for the onset of another winter, cold and snowy season!

For us at Dex by Terra, this is a very busy period working with clients eager to have their outdoor expansion plans refined and ready to be implemented next spring. Now is the ideal time to meet with our design professionals and work in concert with them planning and designing that ideal outdoor expansion project. We gather ideas and develop a working plan with a specific budget articulated with your wish list of features desired. We then utilize our creative capabilities, analytical skills capturing a realistic rendering of how it looks and works. Finally, we develop a working plan for future implementation. After contract approvals, our own in house artisans and project managers review the permitting and material needs and are assigned to your project. Constant communication is the hallmark of our process and once the project starts, we don’t leave until it is finished, to your satisfaction and ours.

In addition to design work for the following spring, now is the time to implement some basic activities around your yard and garden. Our landscape department is preparing for fall cleanups and irrigation winterizations, so please call to schedule a quote for your property. Our concrete and paver maintenance department is busy scheduling deck sealing, which is recommended on any outdoor surface every two to three years. We are also booking snow plowing for residential and commercial sites, so now is the ideal time to have us come out and assess your winter plowing and shoveling needs.

Please contact us for an on-site consultation for any of the above services.

Happy fall!