POSTED ON 23rd September 2015

Tips For Planning Your Next Swimming Pool

Planning and building a new pool can be an exciting and challenging prospect, so we have compiled a basic checklist for you to consider before you meet with our talented design team to review your options. We work with a number of talented pool builders and will be pleased to introduce you to them based on your pool type and preference, be it gunite, fiberglass or vinyl liner.

  • Create a portfolio of pictures – it is useful to collect a variety of pictures to help determine the type/style of pools you like. Some sites provided to help in this area include our website,, you have made picture selections, your design consultant will then work with you to marry design choices to the particulars of your site, house and the specialized uses you and your family express for the pool and perhaps spa.
  • Establish a budget – It is important to establish a working budget early on in the process and express this to your design consultant. Our design consultants will work with you to incorporate the features you desire and create a proposal with specificity so that there are no unwanted surprises during the process.
  • Location, location and location – Our design professionals will help you choose your pool setting wisely. We examine your natural surroundings by looking for optimal views based on site lines and privacy factors, and then position the pool location by taking advantage of all these factors.
  • Pool usage and how often – There are a lot of factors to consider based around intended use. Is it a recreational pool, not too deep for the kids to play games in or is it a lap pool that you want to be deeper for diving? How long in the season do you intend to use it and do you wish to entertain around it in the evening? How you plan to use your pool will allow us to work with you and the pool builder in coming up with the perfect pool for you and your lifestyle.
  • Expanding your outdoor environment – Remember that the pool is just one of the building blocks in expanding your outdoor environment. Our design professionals are able to create a comprehensive, all – encompassing outdoor design that includes landscaping, night-scaping outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fencing, arbors, pool house cabanas and more.

Working with our design team in concert with your pool builder will deliver not only a discreet design, but a seamlessly integrated and implemented end result.