outdoor lighting
POSTED ON 21st July 2016

Illuminating information on outdoor lighting

Why limit your use and enjoyment of your newly created outdoor environment expansion to just daylight hours?

With an intelligently designed outdoor lighting plan and installation, we can transform and enhance your use and enjoyment into the night, adding drama, functionality as well as safety.

There are a number of options available to illuminate your outdoor environment. Depending on your goals and objectives, different techniques can be employed as well as specialized fixtures used to create desired moods and ambiences.

Typically we combine a number of different fixtures for path illumination, up-lighting specimen trees and shrubs, built in step lighting and spot lighting garden ornaments and focal points. Also popular, is the use of lighting along driveway surfaces. All of these combination fixtures are controlled with an automated transformer than runs on low voltage electricity that is efficient and inexpensive to run.

Kindly call our office to speak with a designer with specialized outdoor lighting experience and learn how we can expand your outdoor oasis use and enjoyment to more than just daylight hours.