POSTED ON 9th May 2016

Hydrangeas – oh so versatile and lovely

Hydrangeas are versatile shrubs suitable for almost every garden type in areas that experience some winter cold and much more than some summer decoration for seashore cottages or places along foundation borders.

Most originate in China, Japan, The Himalayas and North America, but some species come from the Philippines, Indonesia and parts of South America.

Typically, they bloom in pink, white, blue or lavender hues on mounded treelike course- leaved plants. They are generally easy to grow and even if abused can reward the gardener with lush and showy flowers. Furthermore, to elongate their use and enjoyment, they can be dried and used as ornamentation, inside and outside.

While most hydrangeas thrive in full sunlight with an ample supply of water, they grow well in areas of partial shade in areas with extended and hot summers. Typically they adapt well to fertile, well drained, moist soils with loads of organic matter. PH soil sensitivity can induce foliage color, particularly on the macrophylla types. In acidic soils, aluminum is readily available, promoting blue and purple flowers, while in alkaline soils, less aluminum lends to red, pink or lavender colors.

It is important to take care of hydrangeas to promote regular flower propagation. Remove dead wood from established plants at the beginning of Spring, but do not take off flower buds off the end of the shoots.

Depending on the variety of hydrangea, design ideas are as abundant as are the type and color variety. White flower selections create the illusion of snowballs in summer, especially in areas of partial shade. You can mass pink and blue types with phlox of a similar color with lilies for a visual candy illusion. Blue selections, appear sapphire like, especially when placed alongside a bluestone patio or walkway surface and in pots against a dark colored wall.

Why not let our designers create the ideal garden for you using this magnificent and versatile, voluptuous or dainty shrub in concert with an overall garden design or as a container cluster to adorn your outdoor patio.

Happy Summer!