POSTED ON 26th October 2015

Here’s a Welcome Sight, the Start of Landscaping Season

You look out your window at the frozen tundra that used to be your lawn.

You shiver at the thought of retrieving the morning paper. You wish you’d installed the remote starter in your car. Ah, winter in New England.

Ironically, when the mercury sinks like the Titanic, it’s the perfect time to start chipping away at your new landscaping design for next spring. Why? Because great designs take time. Want goose bumps of joy, not the frozen variety?
Call Dex by Terra.

Together, we’ll roll ideas around that will make your property snowball into something beautiful to behold.

Life is short. New England summers are shorter. Savor every second with a landscaped property designed to be a unique reflection of you, your family and your lifestyle.

Let Dex by Terra design your landscaping this winter.
Next spring, its beauty will stop you cold.
Call us at 888 34 TERRA to schedule a no obligation site consultation.