POSTED ON 24th March 2020

Covid 19 & Our Response

In these unchartered times, we as a Company are doing all we can to act responsibly to protect our clients, employees and their Families from the threat that the Corona Virus poses.

In an abundance of caution, we have restricted office and warehouse activities to a minimum, with most essential activities being orchestrated remotely and/or choreographed outdoors to and from a loading area that is sanitized regularly. Our field crews are actively monitoring their health and strict personal hygiene regimens are being employed as are daily sanitizing of all equipment leaving/ returning our office locations as well as equipment on project sites. We have a minimal office presence available to answer any of your questions or concerns as well.

We value and respect our partner relationships with our Contractors and Clients and acknowledge that you have a choice as to whether you wish us to continue on site operations or postpone till April 7th date, when we will assess the state of affairs and reschedule accordingly. We will be reaching out to discuss your desires and options and wish you well and close with the hope that you and your loved-ones, extended Family and your employees stay safe during these challenging times.