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When Should I Think about Swimming Pool Renovation?

Pool renovations are one of the biggest undertakings for homeowners—just after putting a pool in. Depending on how intensive the renovation is, the time frame can be a few weeks to a few months. In the past, Dex by Terra has done quick renovations to largescale additions including water features and spas.

A successful renovation can completely change how your pool looks and feels. After a plan is made for the additions or changes, it’s time to start giving thought to logistics. What’s your budget? When would you like to open by? This raises the question; when should you start thinking about swimming pool renovation?

Reasons for Pool Renovations

Everyone is going to have different reasons for renovating their pool. For some, it’s absolutely necessary. Maybe there are cracks or weather exposure that could lead to more damage if left unfixed. Equipment and plumbing updates are a little less visually apparent, but they remain an important part of renovations. Sometimes a few repairs is all your pool needs.

Maybe you just want to change the tiles surrounding the pool. It’s totally fine to renovate a pool for its aesthetic value. Many homeowners opt for major renovations to create an entirely new pool with pool decking or tile. Additions like waterfalls and other unique pool features are a fun way to liven up your outdoor area. 

Renovate Your Pool in the Fall

As the summer gets closer, people typically start thinking about opening up their pools. This doesn’t mean it’s the best time to renovate. Depending on the intensity of the renovation, the process could render your pool unusable for most or all of the season. Planning ahead can make sure your pool is open by the spring at the latest. 

Considering how busy summers can be, it’s not the most convenient time either. The offseason is much less busy for pool renovations, giving you a more favorable renovation schedule. Waiting until the weather gets warmer risks busy schedules for companies that can push your renovation even further. 

Dex by Terra provides high-quality pool renovations to the Boston and New England area. If you’re looking to transform your home with a new pool, contact us today and browse our services!

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5 Reasons Gardening and Landscaping Can Transform Your Home

Gardening and landscaping are two of the most rewarding and important parts of homeownership, but many of us have a tumultuous relationship with them. High-quality landscaping or gardening takes time, effort, and in many cases, money. It also takes a keen eye to predict what will work with your home. Despite the barrier to entry, it’s worth the investment to improve the gardening and landscaping around your home.


Here are just some of the ways in which gardening and landscaping can transform your home.




A well-maintained yard, garden, or outdoor space is simply aesthetically pleasing. From trimmed, uniform hedges to a gorgeous water feature, landscaping offers a nice addition to your outdoor living spaces. Every homeowner knows the importance of cutting their grass or weeding, but sometimes the more large-scale projects can seem overwhelming. While these are probably more time consuming than mowing the lawn, the results often completely change the landscape for the better.


Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist, modern, old-school, or any other aesthetic choice, they’re all possible with proper landscaping. Dex by Terra’s landscaping maintenance service allows you to reliably maintain a high level of consistency throughout your outdoor space.


Improves Mental Wellbeing


Plants have had a long studied history of improving mental health. From relieving stress and anxiety to improving mood, having plants added to your yard is a creative way to better your day-to-day living at home. Have a spacious backyard that needs landscaping attention? Consider adding shrubs to fill it in or add trees for some additional shade. 


It’s not just plants that can improve your mental health! Adding a water feature can create a beautiful, relaxing environment to enjoy the summer. 


Provide a Positive Environmental Impact 


Adding some green to your home is also environmentally friendly! In addition to looking great, adding trees or other plants to your yard has an important impact on the nature around you. Not only do plants produce oxygen, they can also capture harmful pollutants as well! Additional benefits include absorbing harmful water runoff and removing carbon dioxide from the air. 

Increase Property Value


Landscaping isn’t just for good looks. There’s also a financial benefit! A Virginia Tech study showed that landscaping can boost a home’s property value by up to 12%. That’s a significant amount of money for something as fundamental as landscaping. In addition to all of these short-term benefits, you’re also making an investment. You might not notice it immediately, but you eventually will!


Make Your Home Stand Out


Ever wonder why concepts like accent walls or vintage furniture are so popular? It’s because they make the inside of your home stand out! Luckily, properly gardening and landscaping can have the same effect on the outside. Whether it’s a neatly placed row of shrubs, a tree to fill in some space, or a unique water feature to highlight your backyard, these additions can completely change the perception of your home. 

Dex by Terra is known for our professional, high-quality landscaping, renovation, and artistry. If you’re looking to transform your home with landscaping and gardening, contact us today and browse our services!

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Aquatic Design & Build



At Dex by Terra, a poolscape design and build firm in the greater Boston area, we design and build outdoor aquatic masterpieces- one project at a time.


We have refined traditional pool and spa design methodology. From design concept, development, planning & implementation, we work in concert with you providing the best solutions based on your individual needs, the property layout and the corresponding architectural features of your home and the topography of the land on which it is situated.  Our designs compliment your lifestyle and mirror your stylistic preferences and once built will expand your outdoors for extended living.


As we control the entire process from design through building implementation, our seamless project management oversite ensures on time and on budget results. Contact us to take a deep dive into your outdoor expansion opportunities with an  aquatic pool or spa as the focal point thereof.

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Covid 19 & Our Response

In these unchartered times, we as a Company are doing all we can to act responsibly to protect our clients, employees and their Families from the threat that the Corona Virus poses.

In an abundance of caution, we have restricted office and warehouse activities to a minimum, with most essential activities being orchestrated remotely and/or choreographed outdoors to and from a loading area that is sanitized regularly. Our field crews are actively monitoring their health and strict personal hygiene regimens are being employed as are daily sanitizing of all equipment leaving/ returning our office locations as well as equipment on project sites. We have a minimal office presence available to answer any of your questions or concerns as well.

We value and respect our partner relationships with our Contractors and Clients and acknowledge that you have a choice as to whether you wish us to continue on site operations or postpone till April 7th date, when we will assess the state of affairs and reschedule accordingly. We will be reaching out to discuss your desires and options and wish you well and close with the hope that you and your loved-ones, extended Family and your employees stay safe during these challenging times.




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Time Is of the Essence

With each passing day, the opportunity to enjoy the coming summer months in your outdoor environment diminishes.

It is not too late to start the design and build process now and still enjoy the end results this season, but you need to be proactive and start the process right now. Contact our design professionals at Dex By Terra to learn about our three step planning, designing and building strategy to expanding your outdoor environment for the summer season. We are Dex By Terra, a premier design and build firm servicing the greater Boston area committed to beautifying residential outdoors. Our designs burst with creativity and are installed using our master artisans with a warrantee of perfection carved in stone. Contact us to start the process at 978 567 0686 or through our website at



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